Friday, June 10, 2011

Super 8 : super cool I super awesome

yesterday afternoon after returning from work, i'm feeling sooo bored and really want to watch a movie with my friend, Khairul. So once again we are into the Pavi to watch a new films. At first, we wanted to watch the movie KL GANSTER as it is displaying the first day and we don't want to miss the opportunity to watch the film, but after a long queue, all tickets already sold out. What a great malay film is it?

so we choose to watch Super 8 film because this film also is screening the first day. somewhat surprised by this movie because at the beginning of the story a bit slow but after a train crashed into a car that starts and continues to disintegrate, it makes me uncomfortable sat down to watch this story and want to know what the next story. after several minutes of shock, once again this movie made ​​me uncomfortable to sit when a creature suddenly crashed into a car and destroyed a petrol station and killing people. MAD FREAK OUT OKAY

In 1979 the United States Air Force shuts down a portion of Area 51 and ships the material stored at the decommissioned site by rail to an undisclosed but secure location in Ohio. In the fictional town of Lillian, Ohio, a group of teenagers are making a movie with a Super 8 mm film camera when they witness a train crash. They suspect it was not an accident. There are disappearances and unexplained events around town, and the local deputy investigates the cause of the events leading to the discovery of something inhuman.

The story of what happens when half a dozen middle-school kids set out to make a student film in 1979 Ohio and end up enmeshed in something much bigger and scarier, "Super 8" does not lack for potent elements. Its two lead teens have a fine on-screen chemistry, and all the film's big action sequences are faultlessly executed.

But "Super 8's" elements do not jell into a satisfying whole. Though the directors have been personally close for decades — they first connected when Spielberg hired the then-15-year-old Abrams to restore his own 8mm films — their styles do not necessarily mesh. It's a dissonance that's prefigured when the logos of their production companies — Abrams' cranky Bad Robot and Spielberg's lyrical Amblin — spiritually clash on-screen.

The problem with "Super 8" is not how much there is to complain about but how little there is to be excited about. Given the abilities of those accomplished names on the poster, that has got to be a disappointment.

Produced by
J. J. Abrams
Written byJ. J. Abrams
Music byMichael Giacchino
CinematographyLarry Fong
Editing by
Distributed byParamount Pictures
Release date(s)June 10, 2011
Running time112 minutes
CountryUnited States

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